School Closure


Information relating to any partial or complete school closure is available by telephone or on the internet. Details of how to access this information are given below:-

Website: – follow the link to school closures.

Facebook: LPPC Facebook Page

Email/Text Messaging System:  Where possible a message will be sent out to all parents informing them of the closure of the school.

In addition, information about a closure is normally broadcast on the following radio stations:-

BBC Radio Scotland : FM 92.5 – 94.7 or MW 9990

Northsound 1: FM 96.9

Northsound 2: MW 1035

Snow Day Activities

Just because school is closed, it doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.  Take a look at the activities below enjoy sharing what you have done when you are back in class.

Snow Day Bingo 2

Snow Day Tasks January 2024